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Bastard & Friends

Share your experiences with the world alike with humor.

Coming  Soon to  iOS - Summer 2019
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Interested in testing the app before go-live?

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About The BnF App  

Bastard and Friends is not your typical social media and merchandise app. Here, you can share your experiences regarding the absurdity of 21st century existence. If you need some much needed amusement, or simply a place to vent, this is the place to do it.

BnF gives you the opportunity to express yourself using a baseball card layout. From there, you can participate in discussions ranging from everyday drudgery to cosmic alienation.   

We are all for the jokes, but we will not accept any type of bullying or harassment. This mortal coil is brutal enough as it is, don’t make it any worse.

Let us scream into the void with one another by expressing it with our stories and our merchandise.

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